Trading For Us

After you have a clear understanding of the capabilities of the platform and methodology, we can offer to finance your intraday trading capital. Your access to capital is based upon the amount of “first loss” capital you are willing to put at risk.

Invest: $3,000
Trade: $45,000
Invest: $5,000
Trade: $75,000
Invest: $10,000
Trade: $200,000

Initial split on profits is 70/30. split on profit initially. After three consecutive months of at least $3,000 in profitability, we will increase your buying power and you will trade with an 80/20 split. After 3 months of at least $3,000 in profitability the $800 you paid to take the class will be credited back to you as well.

Your will be charged $3.00 per 1,000 shares with rebates.

The DAS trading platform is 150.00 per month